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  1. The new economy does not obey the laws of physics
  2. Online markets are not the same as the old ones
  3. The more bits that flow, the more the atoms will want to move
  4. The Internet enables new and novel interactions
  5. It also enables new forms of organization
  6. Organisational charts should be hyper-linked, not hierarchical
  7. Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy
  8. Networked markets can change suppliers overnight
  9. Knowledge workers can change employers over lunch
  10. Networks promote new forms of knowledge exchange
  11. Networked markets know more about products than companies do
  12. Markets are getting smarter, more informed, and faster
  13. People get better information and support from one another than from vendors
  14. What happens to markets happens among employees
  15. Brand loyalty is the corporate version of marriage - look out for divorce!
  16. Companies that do not network and belong to a community will die
  17. Exponential change is like a tidal wave - by the time you see the danger it is too late to run
  18. We now have two classes in our society: those who will spend any amount of time to save a little money; and those who will spend any amount of money to save a little time
  19. Work is no longer a place - it is an activity - and I got to my office to be interrupted - for pheromonal excitement
  20. Technologies and economies are like a ratchet - we cannot go back, an agrarian economy could not support the 6Bn people now on this planet.