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  • Asymmetric broadband is what we need - wrong - the world ain't asymmetric
  • Clock speed and hardware are keeping up with bloatware - wrong - everything is tending to be static or slowing down due to inefficient design and coding.
  • Wireless is less secure than cable - wrong - wire and fibre are easy to tap too
  • Children are less active because of computers - wrong - TV is the real killer
  • Computer power doubles every 18 months - wrong - it is more like 12 months and getting shorter
  • Parallel/network/grid computing can always speed up computing - wrong - not all problems can be parsed
  • Deleting files removes them from your hard drive - wrong - it just removes the header
  • You can squeeze the contents of a DVD onto a CD - wrong - all compression algorithms are lossy
  • There are no viruses on your PC - wrong - you just canšt see/detect them
  • There are viruses and email messages that can blow up your hardware - wrong