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This poem was never published by Lawerence. It was only recently discovered as a hand-written draft, on the flyleaf of a 1913 volume of Lawrence's love poems, in India.

I have found a place of loneliness,
Lovelier than Lyonesse,
Lonelier than Paradise

Full of sweet stillness,
Which no day can distress,
Never a noise transgress

The full moon sank in state;
I heard her stand and wail,
For her watchers to shut the gate

Then I knew myself in a wonderland,
All darkness, and falling sand
Of hours hard to understand

Always waiting, again I knew
The presence of the flowers that grew,
Noiseless, their wonders noiseless blew;

And flushing kingfishers that flew,
In soundless beauty - and the few
Shadows the passing wild-beast threw;

Eve discovered on the ground,
Soft-given, strange, and never sound,
To break the embrace that we had found

The perfect Consummation,
The final, paridisal One,
Recovered now the world was gone

D.H. Lawrence