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    Most Memorable Experiences
  • Summer holidays
  • Meeting my wife
  • Getting married
  • Being there when my children were born
  • Graduating
  • Watching my children graduate
  • My coincidental 25th wedding anniversary and 50th birthday
  • Understanding calculus and realising its significance

    Best Experiences

  • Working for and nurturing my family
  • Watching my wife and children succeed
  • Understanding things for the first time
  • Flying a modern fighter aircraft
  • Teaching
  • Seeing my inventions and products being used for real
  • Doing things no one did before
  • Discovering things that no one understands
  • Working with enthusiastic and talented people

    Worst Experiences

  • Watching a loved one die
  • Car accidents
  • Watching the human race slaughter each other
  • Seeing people starve or suffer
  • Working among people who have lost all hope or do not care
    Formula For Life
  • L = s.f.t
    Where:  L = Life
                  s = sex
                  f = food
                  t = technology

    Favourite Places

  • My home
  • My screen
  • SanFrancisco
  • Muir Woods
  • Derbyshire
  • Fry's Electronics
  • Museums
  • Mountains, rivers and forests


  • To be: holistic, eclectic, successful
  • To make a positive contribution to progress