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Published by the Guardian in 1996
In 1996, the Guardian published a debate on stakeholding - the idea that the individual can have a stake - or make an investment - in all aspects of society, whether financial or not.

The debate included a series of previously unpublished articles by Peter Cochrane, alongside views from Will Hutton, and H.R.H. Prince Charles.

Copies of Peter Cochrane's contributions to the debate are available below.

  1. How Should Companies Operate?
  2. The Infinite City
  3. Don't Bank On It
  4. Companies And Communication In The Next Century
  5. Virtual Education And Training
  6. Information Technology And Exponential Growth
  7. From Information To Experience
  8. Do We Have To Die 100%?
  9. A Guide At The Side Or A Sage On The Stage
  10. Three-Dimensional Remote Imaging Of Surgery
  11. Camnet And Telepresence
  12. Virtual Reality - A Reality?