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Peter Cochrane's Hard Drive column appears each week in the Connected section of the Daily Telegraph.

This page lists articles published in 2001
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  • A Warning For The Music Industry - 08-11-01
    It appears that the music industry has just taken another giant step in the direction of corporate stupidity.

  • Are You Backed Up? - 25-10-01
    IF ever there was an argument for multiple communication paths, the events of September 11 have to be it.

  • Radio Signal Boom - 11-10-01
    When I was a child in the 1940s, we had one radio in our home but no record player or TV. But today, radios are readily available as well as stereos, TV and computers.

  • Thinking it Through - 27-09-01
    Peter Cochrane despairs at the current knee-jerk decision-making mechanisms for issues that have national and/or global implications

  • The Success of DVDs Will Depend On Them Being The Cheapest Form of Transmission - 13-09-01
    NAPSTER and other free music sites promoted, and probably accelerated, more CD sales over the past three years than had been anticipated by the music industry.

  • Street power wiring could work, be it not for basic physics - 30-08-01
    EVERY six months or so, a business plan and technical outline of a revolutionary new technology and service hits my screen.

  • Back to being Bandwidth Deprived - 15-08-01
    But I shouldn't moan.

  • Tired of Cash Till Time Wasting - 02-08-01
    EVERY time I reach the cash till in certain shops, they ask me the same long string of questions which they asked on my previous visit. Name? Address? Telephone number? Post code?

  • The Great Reboot Of The 21st Century - 19-07-01
    Are we really going to have to go through a 10-year cycle to get our cameras, white and brown goods to settle down and become reliable?

  • Ramblers Need Not Apply - 05-07-01
    In a world that is speeding up, it is increasingly important to communicate effectively

  • Band-Aid solution to bandwidth headache - 07-06-01
    The universal lack of bandwidth in the local loop was a hidden and critical component in the dotcom bust and a key factor in the demise of internet services

  • The Great Telephone Connection - 23-05-01
    The computer world looks with some envy at the high-performance connection levels achieved by the well-established telephone industry

  • The New Age.. ..of Pornography - 09-05-01
    Sites span a wide range of specialist tastes in straight, soft and hard porn, through to fetish activities that Peter Cochrane really wishes he had never seen

  • Electronically Stored Paper - 26-04-01
    If all the materials he has stored electronically were printed on paper, Peter Cochrane would need a very large aircraft hangar

  • Reading Our Minds - 12-04-01
    Peter Cochrane ponders the possibilities for the ultimate technology

  • The Hard Sell - 29-03-01
    How can companies sell their latest machines to a public whose PC needs are already met, asks Peter Cochrane

  • Wasting Time - 08-03-01
    Downloading a 1MB file in Europe takes 30 to 60 seconds, but in the US only 6 to 12, bemoans Peter Cochrane

  • Show us the Money - 01-03-01
    It is ironic to see the music industry hell bent on destroying Napster when CD sales rose 15pc says Peter Cochrane

  • Money down the drain - 15-02-01
    Information technology should be about connecting people, not insulating us says Peter Cochrane

  • The next big crisis is already looming - 02-02-01
    The net is being strangled by lack of bandwidth says Peter Cochrane

  • They'll be watching you - 18-01-01
    Peter Cochrane explains how companies can listen in when you may not be suspecting

  • Making a speech - 4-01-01
    Technology can aid conference speaking, but it's still all in the delivery, says Peter Cochrane