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Event Launch Does The Business
TechnologyWorld05, 13th December 2004

TechnologyWorld05 has been launched to an enthusiastic reception from UK and overseas businesses alike. Over 90 delegates were at Hinxton Hall, Cambridge for the launch of TechnologyWorld05 on 13 December 2004. Those who attended were there to find out about the benefit of exhibiting and attending TechnologyWorld05, the international partnering event for those in the ICT sector focusing on healthcare, security and the environment.

Diana Hodgins, managing director of European Technology for Business (ETB) who was one of the speakers at the launch explained how collaboration and partnering by smaller leading edge companies could generate world-class developments. As a result of exhibiting at last yearís event ETB have made important contacts, which are likely to lead to significant new business.

Peter CochraneThe other highlight of the launch was guest speaker Peter Cochrane, former chief technologist at BT, who gave his vision of how technology could change the world over the next 5-10 years.

We canít predict what the customer will do with technology and so deciding what technology will be successful and how it should be developed is difficult, he claimed. Moreover, because of the time taken to bring new ideas to the market, all of the technology that will reach the market over the next five years is in the laboratory now. All we have to do is look for it.

Some of the most exciting breakthroughs are in health.

"Data mining of medical records will see the biggest health gains since the provision of clean water," he predicted.

Some of the other areas he finds interesting at present include artificial muscles, organic displays, intelligent processing, evolutionary software and hyper strong materials.

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