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Day One reflections - Emerging Telephony by Stuart Henshall
The San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel, 24-26 January 2006

Peter Cochrane spoke yesterday about the "emotional pull" of successful solutions. That's where there is one element or presentation "so far" missing here. Some of the examples and the lightening pitchs have begun to share the "behavioral" and "socialogical" impact of this new technology. It's the area I've enjoyed telling the stories about Skype (and other emerging examples). For the developers and engineers in the room working on Asterisk it is a set of stories they need to hear. New behaviors are demanding new applications. How the "few leading edge users" are using these new application is key to future success. Thus someone really needs to link these examples together. Standing alone the,, etc are interesting. Bring the mobile, positional, media and billing components together and there's a bigger story that could help developer accelerate their ideas.

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