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Phone industry doesn't get it
Images that show an industry failing to give customers what they actually want...
Written at The Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London, and dispatched to via a free wi-fi service.

Sometimes you see a single iconic scene that says everything about an industry that is simply not getting it.

Occasionally, I feel I should create to act as a repository and historical record of those companies that are really not getting it - or IT - and for all the concepts that are way past their sell-by date.

It's not that they are not getting it in a small way. It's on a mega scale. And it's as if they have stopped watching what their customers do and asking what they actually want.

This week I came across several scenes that deny the arrival of mobile technology. The first is the noble telephone box or kiosk, now used variously as a lavatory and a place for people to advertise assorted questionable services. Can you imagine wanting to risk your health by standing in one of these smelly boxes using a decades-old handset previously used by thousands of other people?

Some people actually see these old red phone boxes as a national icon but I think they have become a national disgrace and an embarrassing reminder of a backward-looking industry.