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Peter decided that it was about time he put the webcamera in his PowerBook to good use.


  • Tracking down rural fibre broadband 17 November 2010
  • 2009

  • Tapping into London's 20Mb broadband 27 October 09
  • DIY broadband 23 September 09
  • Bangkok needs fibre 15 July 09
  • How to get online - anywhere. It's easy if you know what to look for
    How does Peter Cochrane manage to get connected to the net - no matter where he is around the world? It's not so hard, he says in this video blog. Just look out for some giveaways that you're within reach of a wireless signal.
    25 March 2009


  • Four billion mobiles
    Reporting from the deck of a boat out at sea, Peter Cochrane offers his opinion about whether the world will have four billion mobile phones by the end of 2008. Hint: Everywhere he travels, he gets network coverage. Even while sailing, if he can see land, he can get a signal. Tune in for Cochrane's latest video blog.
    21 October 2008
  • Fall of the tower
    In his latest video blog, Peter Cochrane reports from the foot of the 1960s BT Tower in central London. Like similar structures of its era around the world, the 189-metre tower has slipped from the forefront of microwave comms to become a redundant period curiosity. But could a new tech role for the building be about to emerge?
    16 July 2008
  • For whom the bell tolls
    In his latest video blog, Peter Cochrane reports from the gloom of the former servants' quarters of a stately home just to the west of London. There he finds and tests out the cutting-edge communications technology of three generations ago.
    16 July 2008
  • Power outrage
    In his latest video blog, a stranded Peter Cochrane reports from the side of railway track just north of London. A simple combination of poor engineering and inadequate resilience means that he, like thousands of other weary travellers, will not be reaching home any time soon.
    20 July 2008
  • Athens and roam
    In his latest video blog, Peter Cochrane reports from the centre of Athens. Despite the city's standing as the cradle of democracy, he finds little freedom when it comes to public-access wi-fi. Still, at least the children seem to have devised one new mobile app.
    21 April 2008
  • Multitasking mastery
    In his latest video blog, Peter Cochrane reports from New York's JFK airport. From his vantage point at a bagel stand he spots a fellow traveller who turns out to be one of the world's finest exponents of mobile multitasking.
    17 March 2008
  • Wi Fi Field Tests. It's amazing what you can pick up on the farm...
    In his latest video blog, Peter Cochrane reports from a wintry field somewhere in East Anglia. For reasons that remain obscure, he chooses this isolated spot to test for wi-fi connections - with some surprising results...
    1 February 2008


  • Fractal coding. Finger of fate
    In his latest video blog, Peter Cochrane reports from a hospital bed where he's coming to terms with a fundamental truth about digital faults. He sees his present predicament as proof that an insignificant problem can eventually bring down the whole system.
    27 November 2007
  • Tech blast-off. Nasa's tech launchpad
    In his latest video blog, Peter Cochrane reports from Florida where he has been visiting Nasa's Merritt Island space centre. The media may be hung up on non-stick frying pans but Nasa's contribution to technology is massive and goes far beyond its materials programme.
    22 October 2007
  • Silent flights 22 October 07
  • Fractal coding. It's come a long way...
    In this video blog, Peter Cochrane explains the potential - and pitfalls - of fractal coding, and shows how it's finally becoming a reality.
    23 August 2007
  • Escaping expensive wi-fi. From 15 per day to nearly free...
    In this video blog, Peter Cochrane explains why a Cardiff hotel lost his business - and how easy it is to find cheap internet access.
    16 August 2007