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Peter Cochrane Pics
Cochrane sketches
Cochrane (formal)
Cochrane (corporate casual)
Cochrane (giving presentations)

Views of Suffolk
Castles           Elmsett Village Green (JPG, 42k)
Felixstowe      Hadleigh
Ipswich           Lavenham
My Village       Woodbridge

Sound Barrier
How a sonic boom was photographed
Video of a jet achieving a Sonic Boom (1.3mb mpeg)
Terrestrial sonic boom from above
Terrestrial sonic boom from alongside

Reports Peter has contributed to
Extreme Data : Rethinking the "I" in IT (3.5Mb)
The Travel Goldrush 2020 (3.5Mb)

Recent Powerpoint Slides

Old Powerpoint Slides
Squaring The Circle (16Mb)
Finding Not Filing (32Mb)
MegaFlops MicroWonders (4.1Mb)
Silicon CIO Forum 06 - Nerds (5.4Mb)
Silicon CIO Forum 06 - Take Aways (5.4Mb)
BroadBand a Fibre/Wireless Business Future (5.4Mb)
Fibre To The Home Costs In (200Kb)
Where Wear Ware (7.8Mb)
Business On The Move (1.98Mb)
VOIP (1.33Mb)
Digital Coexistence (10.22Mb)
The Future Of Technology (2.63Mb)
More machines than people
To Infinity and Beyond (2.41Mb)
The Failure of WAP & the future of 3G
Seeing I to Eye (3.28Mb)
eGovernment (2.71Mb)
Boom & Bust (1.2Mb)
Doing a start-up company