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If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of exactly 100 people, with all the current human ratios remaining the same.. click for more.

My Greatest Loss
Brenda : 31 March 1949 to 25 December 2003

Miscellaneous Thoughts
Mourning a Passing - Common Sense
The Journey
The Greatest IT Myths
Things have changed since I was a kid
Will hell freeze over?
Measuring Height
A handful of my own Notions & guesses
The little I've learnt so far
Sometimes our species does something insane
If you can read this, you're a privileged minority
Are we able to define Death?
The USA was a different place 100 years ago

The best blog on the planet?
Just Rocks in a Jar
The Cab Ride
Work like you don't need the money
Seventh Generation To Come, Oren Lyons

A philosophy major asked me if we needed all this technology. I just asked him if he wanted to live!

Management Imperatives For C21st
Think, The New Economy.

Poems & A Prayer
Remember When.. Anon
Ancient Sandskrit Writing
Death, St. Augustine.
A Gift
Eden, D.H. Lawrence
If, Rudyard Kipling (my favourite)
Love Sprang from you, Paul Cochrane
The Beast Upon The Wire, Ray Bradbury
The Year 2000, Peter Bergman
Under The Telephone Pole, Carl Sandberg
With Clean Hands, Native American Indian
The Right Idea, Anon

I Dreamed an Interview With God
This appeared on my screen from out of the net one day.

Sentient Meat, by Terry Bisson
Captains Log, Stardate 9986.104, "Sentient Meat" (An audio version of this text is also available in the Audio Clips Section).

Company Policy & Habit
In a cage containing five apes, hang a banana on a string and put steps under it..

Future Career Advice
Although ITC has now matured, it will continue to create new job opportunities as the evolution of services becomes ever more critical to the future of commerce and society in general.