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Uncommon Sense
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Here you will find a range of old archived interviews, articles and lecture written about or by Peter Cochrane. You will also find a selection of published re-prints and draft pre-prints supplied to a range of publishers and the media. Most have been published in magazines, newspapers, professional journals and conference proceedings. All the texts are presented in html format complete with a summary and reference for your ease of access and use.
Recent content can be found here

  • Interviews for newspapers, magazines, etc (pre 2002)
  • Articles, Lectures, Preprints & Reprints written by, or about Peter Cochrane (pre 2002)
  • Daily Telegraph: Harddrive - from 1996 to 2000.
  • Beyond Telegraph Harddrive - from 2001 to 2002.
  • The Stakeholder Debate - 1996.

    In some cases the text is incomplete as the high quality photographs and diagrams were supplied to publishers later in the production process. In all cases you are referred to the cited publication to retrieve a full and final copy.

    You are free to download and use this material for individual and private study. You can also reproduce the text in support of education and other purposes provided you give due reference to the author and the final publishing organisations cited in the header.

    For the most part you will find that the publishers will agree to the supply of their final copy and onward reproduction upon written request. You are strongly advised to seek their agreement before making multiple copies from newspapers, magazine or journals.

    This store of published work is updated regularly by the author and augmented by Powerpoint slides, audio and visual clips on this site

    I hope you find the materials supplied of benefit and use.